Don't run another Macro until another had finishedKeyboard Maestro 8.0.3 “1B HotFolderB” Macro

Keyboard Maestro 8.0.3 “1B HotFolderB” Macro

1B HotFolderB.kmmacros (2.8 KB)

So the Macro I have is like this

Now I have the same for another that runs on another folder. With the same behaviour. The issue I have is that when the script runs via KM finder hangs, at the moment I can only put it down to 2 things. macOS High Sierra. or as its handling lots of files and doesn't like a similar script running at the same time.

On the last note I figured that I should prevent the macro from running until another Macro has finished.

I've tried Pause until conditions are met

But that is not operating as expected. What have I missed

Please post the script.

That “pause until” which waits until the macro is active. Did you intend “pause while”? If that’s the case, try changing the condition to “none of the following are true”

I don’t know what the Pause Until is supposed to be doing, but “active” does not mean running. It means available to be triggered. You cannot test whether a specific macro is running or not.

If you want to limit a macro to be running sequentially, use the Semaphore Lock action.

It should have been pause until the macro is inactive. Same result though.

Macro “active” or “inactive” has nothing to do with whether the macro is running or finished.

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