Don't Start Screen Saver Step

I may be missing something obvious, but is there a way to add a script step that keeps the screen saver from initiating?

I've tried dragging the cursor to the corner coordinates for my "Disable Screen Saver" hot corner. But that doesn't seem to work.

There's no Keyboard Maestro action that I'm aware of, but this article says you can do it via Terminal.

You could use a few shell script actions, one that reads the current value into a variable:

Do Shell Script, save result to variable (local_IdleTime or whatever):

defaults -currentHost read idleTime

Then when you want to disable it, another do shell script, ignore results:

defaults -currentHost write idleTime 0

When you want to restore it, a third do shell script, ignore results:

defaults -currentHost write idleTime "$KMVAR_local_IdleTime"

Note: I don't think these commands will be affected by macOS' aggressive caching strategy, but I haven't actually tested them.


Thanks so much. I'll give this a try!

Approaching the problem from the opposite direction: you could set up your system such that only KM starts the screen saver, according to the desired conditions.