Double clicking (How to Edit Logic Pro X Selected Track)

Hello, I just want to have Keyboard Maestro double click something when I press function key. Is that hard to do? TIA for any help (Mac OS X Sierra)

Not hard at all. Here's an example:

As @gglick showed you, causing the Mouse to double-click is easy.
(but you probably don't need the CONTROL key to be down).

The hard part is positioning the mouse pointer where you want the double-click to occur. There are various ways to achieve this. If you tell us more details about what you want to double-click, perhaps we can offer some suggestions.

The method of last resort (IMO) is using Found Image (KM Wiki).

Thanks guys. I am working on Logic X and naming tracks. Basically TRACKS are in a column at the left and I use the up and down arrow keys to navigate to them. Once a track is selected by moving the arrow key the track becomes HIGHLIGHTED. At that point I need a DOUBLE CLICK so that I can NAME the track and enter text. I am trying to avoid using the mouse as much as possible.

Have you checked Logic Pro X for shortcuts to rename/open the track for editing?
Maybe even RETURN might work – I don’t know, I don’t have the app.

A lot of apps use either RETURN or CMD-I for this. Once you have selected the track, look in the EDIT menu to see if there is a menu item for this. If it does have a menu item, but it does not have a shortcut assigned to it, the you can use the KM Select or Show a Menu Item action (KM Wiki) to perform the Logic X action.

If you can’t get anything else to work, then you could probably use AppleScript with System Events to “click” or “double-click” on the selected element on the window.

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You might want to post your question in the [Logic User Group](

Brilliant. You are correct. It is SHIFT RETURN in Logic X. Thanks man! -terry

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Also, (and you may already know this) but once a Track is highlighted for editing, you can tab to get to the next track, already selected to edit as well - so you can keep tabbing down (or use Shift+Tab to go up) the track list and edit away. When finished, hit return and you are done.

You may want to investigate if there is a Logic key command to access directly whatever it is you want to do. For example, I set Option-T in Logic key commands to rename track. So, in KM I can automate down arrow for next track, then Option-T to rename that track. No mouse clicking needed.

This is how I use it:

Logic_Rename Tracks Macros.kmmacros (11.6 KB)