Double or Triple Tapping the Home & End Keys

I always thought it would be nice if tapping End once went to end of line; twice- end of paragraph; three times- end of file.

HOME END Macros.kmmacros (5.4 KB)

I didn't write this, a certain anonymous boffin did. Thanks!

Nice idea. For some reason the double and triple tap ones don't work for me. Not sure why yet.

Either way, it inspired me to bind my page up and page down keys to ⌘↑ and ⌘↓ respectively.


I've always looked at the multi tap triggers, but never worked with them.
I downloaded your macros and they do not work for me on the double and triple tap.
I made sure my keyboard key for end was entered in the trigger field as 'this device key' as
"Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad End"
no workee,,,, either with the end key as a 'hot key' of End, or as 'this device key' as
"Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad End"
any input?
I've always used Dan's multi-press key trigger macro, does the same thing... but I've always been curious why I can't get the 'native' pressed once/twice/three times does not work.
much appreciated.

So I don't have much experience with "tapped" triggers but if I disable the single tap macro, the double tap works, and if I disable the double tap, the triple tap works.

I believe the issue is the single tap macro is executed on the first tap regardless of how many total taps there are which resets the tap count and prevents the other macros from firing.

Again, I rarely use these triggers and don't fully understand them, but I seem to recall this issue coming up in other threads in the past.

See this quote from the following wiki entry

You can configure the hot key trigger to execute when the key is tapped (press and released quickly) each time, the first tap, double tapped, triple tapped, or quadruple tapped (v7.0+). Keep in mind that Keyboard Maestro cannot see the future, so “tapped once” will fire even on the first tap even if you tap the key twice (“tapped” would fire both times).

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Oops, I thought I had deleted this version of the post. I think the macros I uploaded here didn't include Home. Here is the larger download:

I don't know why they're not working for you, but I'll ask the author!

I downloaded the ones that penhelm uploaded and his macros work for me. My guess is that some people aren't aware that the Home/End's group's permissions makes it so that they only work with TextEdit because that's the only app that I validated that those shortcuts work in when I wrote the macros. If you want those keys to work in some other app, then add the app to the group's permissions, but you have to make sure that those shortcuts work in that app.

Actually, I have a second, completely different solution to the same problem. My second solution is more complex but gives far more power than the built-in KM trigger which the above macros use. Let me post my second solution below.

End.kmmacros (7.7 KB)

This solution does NOT trigger more than once for each repetition, which might be a more desirable feature for some purposes. And it also lets you specify the number of milliseconds that a "repeat key" is defined as (see the numbers 500 and 1000 in the macro.)

This solution involved a pretty cool application of the numeric array feature of KM. With only a small modification one could make it also work with four, five or six clicks, which is something that KM doesn't support.

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