Double tap stops regular use of the key

Hi folks. I an loving the upgrade (5.x to 7.x). Having a problem with using the hot key “D” is tapped twice trigger. Loved It’s simplicity, worked for the macros I was using It for.

Unfortunately I can no longer use the key I had for hot key for regular typing when I did that. I used the letter “D” for inserting a formatted date and the letter “B” for adding a bolded formatting to specific lines. When I did that, using the letters “D” and “B”, those letters stopped appearing in my sentences. When I re-keyed the macro use of those keys returned to normal.

Is there a work-around for this?

Correct - any hot key, whether pressed, released, tapped, whatever, captures the keystroke entirely.

Also, “tapped twice” does not mean it wont fire if you tap it three times - you tapped it twice first, and then a third time. So generally it will be used in cases where the second or third tap extends on what the first tap did, or entirely replaces the behaviour from the first tap.

You can alternatively use the USB Device Key trigger to detect a tapped key without intercepting it. In that case, for the “tapped twice” case, both keystrokes have now beep processed and your macro will need to device what to do about that.

Makes sense. Thanks.