Double, triple tap Home/End

I always thought it would be nice if when you tapped End it would go to the end of line; twice, end of paragraph; three times, end of file.

Here's that. It works on Home too.

Home-End Macros.kmmacros (11 KB)

All it does is type cmd-right-arrow, option-down-arrow, or cmd-down-arrow if hot key End is tapped 1, 2, or 3 times.
(The 1 and 2 actions get triggered repeatedly in a 3 press, but it doesn't have any effect.)

This was provided to me by a helpful brainy guy who didn't want any credit.

I saw Sleepy's answer here

I downloaded the ones that penhelm uploaded and his macros work for me. My guess is that some people aren't aware that the Home/End's group's permissions makes it so that they only work with TextEdit because that's the only app that I validated that those shortcuts work in when I wrote the macros. If you want those keys to work in some other app, then add the app to the group's permissions, but you have to make sure that those shortcuts work in that app."

So I guess it could work with other app too.