Double trouble with a single action macro!


The following single action macro simply opens a Bear Note using the note's UUID.

I managed the feat of having 2 problems with a single action macro.

I want to modify it so that:

1- the URL opens the clipboard to which I will have copied the note's UUID beforehand.
It works fine when the URL contains the note's UUID as in

But my 2 attempts at running the macro with the clipboard (which contains the note's UUID) have failed including
bear://x-callback-url/open-note?id=%Variable%SystemClipboard% and

2- I would like the macro output (last action) to be copying any one of the 4 listed macro URLs to the clipboard. I have no clue how to approach this.

thanks very much

can you share your macro

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I apologize. I should have done it in the first place.

test open Bear Note.kmmacros (3.1 KB)

Note that to open a Bear Note, Process has to be set to nothing

Thank you for your reply

Why is that? The problem with that setting in the gear menu is that %Variable%SystemClipboard% will not be replaced with its contents, the note’s UUID. And so there no way it will work as you want it to.

Additionally, to debug, add a Display Text action with the same string you have in the Open URL action.

bear://x-callback-url/open-note?id=%Variable%VarName% to see if the string is being correctly combined and the variables and clipboard have been processed.

As for question #2, not sure how to do automatically, only manually (do the same as you did with the Bear x-callback, combine the strings manually, and copy-paste the UUID of the macro).

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@tiffle @hello

thank you both for your replies

For some unknown reason, process text normally also works (did not work a year ago) when I enter the URL with the full ID

example: the following works with process text normally and process nothing
Please note the black text of Open URL

The following does not work neither process text normally or process nothing
Note the orange font of Open URL indicating that the open URL action does not accept a variable (as far as I understand).

we are dealing with 2 UUIDs: the Bear Note and the macro

I found the solution to extract the UUID of the macro Edit → copy as → copy UUID

thanks again

@tiffle @hello

Everything now works fine with process text normally and the variables. thank you both very much for taking the time to help me !

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You were right, so thanks very much !

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If you’ve got it all working now that’s great to hear @ronald !!

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