Download All iTunes Match Tracks

Hi there,
I would like to make a Macro that automatically checks every 24 hours or so, if all the iTunes match tracks are downloaded, and if it finds one that isn’t, downloads it so I always have a local copy of my complete iTunes match music library.

A very ‘brute force’ approach would be to

  • start iTunes
  • ensure the ‘songs’ view in music is active (menu)
  • select all (ctrl + A)
  • right click
  • select download

I’m sure there are more elegant solutions. Any pointers how to best start this?

Dave, have you tried just setting the iTunes preferences to always download your stuff:

Yes, but I think it doesnt always work perfectly. But I’ll check.
The screen you are showing however, applies to purchased items in iTunes. iTunes match is like an online backup of all my music, including CD’s I’ve ripped over 10 years ago etc.

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