Draft Rewrite of Wiki Dates and Times Article

@peternlewis, @ComplexPoint, @ccstone, and all KM Wiki users:

Please review and comment on the draft I have just made to:
###Dates and Times [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

I have tried to provide a short overview with enough detail that most users will find what they need in this article. If not, links are provided to other Wiki articles, as well as to the big forum post by @ComplexPoint:

KM dates & times: Notes on anchors, intervals, and translations (Aug 2015)

Great work there by @ComplexPoint, but I suspect the wiki may be, or will become, out of date. So I propose removing the content copied from forum.
I have provided a link back to the forum thread for those interested in more detail, and the on-going discussion.

Please feel free to offer any constructive criticism you have, from the minor to the major. All suggestions welcome. Of course, please vet it for accuracy.

Thanks in advance to all that contribute.

Best Regards,

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Hey JM,

Looks good!


Looks great. I added a footnote on “y” warning not to use “Y” (year of “Week of Year” which is almost always the same but not quite).


Excellent idea! I’m sure that will help avoid a lot of confusion.

Peter, whenever you’re happy with the article, you can remove/modify the editor’s note I make at the top.

Do you agree about removing the old text copied from the forum?

Yep, it all looks good, go ahead and remove the extra notes and old stuff.