Drag and drop from pre-defined position to current mouse location

Hello everyone.
I did a lot of research before asking for help. I've found a few answers but I can't seem to put it all together...
I'm a professional editor and in order to speed up my workflow here's what I'd like to create...
In a few words, I want Keyboard Maestro to save my current mouse position, go to a pre-defined position, then click, hold, drag and release to the previously saved position.

What I've tried...

  1. Save my current mouse position.
  • I used "set variable to text" and added "%CurrentMouse%" (the variable is "Dest").
  • mouse click at (pre-difined position)
  • and drag to Dest[1] Dest[2]

But all this didn't really work...
If anyone could tell me what's wrong, I'd really appreciate it!
Here's a picture of my attempt:

This works for me:

Many thanks!
I figured out why it wasn't working. The macro was in a group that made it functional only in a specific application. I put it in a group that gave it the right to work in all applications and Boom! It works!

Thanks again!

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In your macro, you're setting the mouse position to where it already is. You can skip that, as per my version.

Thank you. Could you be more specific? Which part do you suggest I skip? This is basically what the macro I created does...

Your second step (use the variable « dest » to set the mouse location ) is not needed. In your example the mouse is already there.

As a side note. In premiere or avid to do a transition I just place the playhead where I want the transition to start/end and press the attributed keyboard shortcut for

  • Apply default video transition to Playhead (or from playhead)

I can easily change the duration by moving my playhead and pressing the shortcut again.
To change the start or end point of the transition, just use the extend function


Thanks for the info. However, I have been a senior editor for 23 years now. I know this feature well. In Avid and in Premiere, even in Resolve. It works perfectly in Avid. Not in Premiere...

1.1 In Premiere, you have to do 2 different things if you want to apply a transition to both video and audio. There's no function to apply a default video-audio transition all at once. I got around this by creating my own macro: it applies the video transition and then the audio. Simple, done for that. It would be simpler to copy Avid here where the actual action would be described as follows:

  • "apply dissolve from/to Playhead on all selected tracks, whether video or audio".

1.2 Still in Avid, there are two possible results:

  • If there's nothing before or after on the timeline, it fades from/to black
  • If there is footage before or after, it crossfades between clips.
  1. In Premiere, this function behaves in the same way if there is nothing before or after. Unfortunately, if there is footage before or after, it ignores that fact and continues to fade from/to black... So no blending between clips...
    That's why I'm trying to get around this very annoying design flaw.
    If you ever have an easy answer, don't hesitate to give it to me!

More Senior Editor here (30+ years) on quite a few films :grin:.
But my last big edit on premiere was 3 years ago. And my memories of its shortcomings has been a bit blurred by the pandemic and many avid edits.
So you are, young one :wink:, perfectly right.
And your description of the problem is accurate.

I just remember that I intended to have a look at Excalibur – Premiere Pro extension
if I ever have to go back to premiere. Have you any experience of it?
if you have any question feel free to ask, I might have an answer (or learn something...)

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I've been debating whether or not to buy Excalibur for a while now... The programming work has already been done by someone else. But lately, I've also been paying attention to the QE Project by Nate Novell from NT Productions.
(NTProductions (Nate Lovell) · GitHub)

I think we can go even further, but we need to know how to program in JavaScript... But his tutorials are so informative that it makes the task less difficult, especially with ChatGPT to help with the coding!