Dragging and Dropping an URL to the Keyboard Maestro Editor -- Bug?


If I drag and drop a URL into a macro without any predefined action, an execute AppleScript action is generated. I seem to remember that it used to be an open URL action, which is what I want.

Thank you.


Hey @ronald,

  • What version of macOS?
  • What version of Keyboard Maestro?



Drag from where?

my apologies to @ccstone and @peternlewis for a poorly documented question.

Version 9.2
Catalina 10.15.7
drag from Chrome address bar.

What I expected : open URL action automatically generated

What happened: AppleScript action generated

thank you both

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This was never previously supported as far as I am aware.

I have added it for the next version.


thank you Peter

This got me wondering: Is it a reasonable expectation for any app on Mac that dragging a URL onto it do anything in particular?

Now I've seen this thread I do like the idea of dragging a URL into a macro and using it as a "stub" - with previous actions in the macro customising eg the query string.

And is there anything else one might drag into Keyboard Maestro to useful effect? I assume text into text boxes.


You can drag files into the editor and they will insert an open file action, or in the case of certain files (like AppleScript) a run AppleScript from file action.

If you drag the files into the text box on an existing action, the text box will auto-populate the file path, very useful for using found image-related actions and referencing an image file instead of dropping the image in the action's image well.

There's probably a lot more but those are the drag-n-drop actions I use most.


That's very useful. Thank you.

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There must be something I don't understand with your question, because you are at the top and I am at the bottom of the user totem pole.
My answer to your question would be: drag and drop can already be used in keyboard maestro

  • within KBM, as you know you can drag and drop a macro to generate the execute macro action
  • from other apps into km, you can drag and drop a file → generates an action to open it, an application → generates an action to activate it, etc
    thank you for your post

Well, I wondered if these things were special to Keyboard Maestro - or whether other apps in general should be expected to support things dropped onto them such as URLs and files.

But then I don't generally have the screen real estate to drag stuff - other than to and from Yoink.

you can even use an ipad as second monitor

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