Dragging file to purple folder doesn't get the path

Dragging a file to the purple folder on a "Write to a file" action doesn't allow it to grab the path, unlike the Open a File action, for example. When I drop the file, it automatically creates a new "Open a File action. This seems like a bug, right?

Kapture 2023-11-17 at 18.03.32

I even tried removing the path that was already there, because it could be "a thing", but same behavior.

If I drag the file directly to the empty space, it adds the path, but this is not ideal, because if there's something there already, it will merge the two

I tend to agree with your analysis. But I will add one more comment. In Dark Mode, the icon for a folder seems to be missing the tab on the top left of the icon. At least it's impossible to read in your screenshot. Maybe the icon could use more contrast.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean?
Here's a screenshot of both actions:

In light mode:

I think I understand what you mean. This?


If that's what you mean, the tab is there, but not as clear as the light mode.
This doesn't bother me, though.
I hope @Peter is able to fix this to make it consistent across all actions (if this is indeed a bug, which seems to be)

That is exactly what I mean, but when you say "not as clear" I can't even see it at all without using a screen magnifier. No doubt some clarity is lost when you upload your screen to this website, because of data compression and/or scaling. For the first two minutes of reading your post, I actually thought that the icons were different because the "tab" was invisible to me.