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Forgive my dumbness. After many years of Quick Keys, I'm new and after having done several tutorials and looked at the manual I don't see how to do a simple menu drop down item. I'd like to drop down the apple menu to the "Sleep" command and set up a simple shortcut but can't see how to do that. Can you point me to where that is explained or give me directions? Thank you very much.

Hi @Moo - welcome to KM. Let's see if we can help.

Construct your macro to look like this:
KM 0 2021-06-10_00-35-43

  1. Choose your hot key combination that will trigger this macro.
  2. Insert a Select or Show a Menu Item action into your macro.
  3. Click the Menu dropdown in the action and just follow Finder > Apple > Sleep.

After following those steps your macro will look like this:
KM 1 2021-06-10_00-41-10

Here's a copy of the macro for you to play with.
Test copy.kmmacros (1.8 KB)

Hope that helps!


Thank you for your kind help tiffle!

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Hey @Moo,

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Now that @tiffle has you squared away on the Select or Show a Menu Item action, you should be aware that:

Keyboard Maestro has its own actions for sleep:


The macOS also has its own built-in keyboard shortcuts for them.

Power or Eject ⇢ Sleep Computer

Power or Eject ⇢ Sleep Screen

These work through Mojave, but I have not tested beyond that and can't say for certain they're the same through Monterey.

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Thank you Chris!!!!

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