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Trying to use the Interface Control to Click the "M.V." Tab, then Select either "2" or "4" from the "Multi-viewer Number of Windows" drop down menu.

I've tried a bunch of things to get this to work, even recording the whole process, but it's kind of sloppy. Is there further documentation on the Interface Control??

Is the app accessible using AppleScript?

Check it using ccstone's script:

If you are trying to get KM to change that option, there are three approaches, starting with the easiest:

  1. Check if the app's menu allows you to press a keyboard shortcut to change that option. If so, KM can send that key to the app. Then, hopefully, the app also lets you press a number from 1 to 4 to change the option.
  2. Open the app itself to see in the Script Editor app, to see if there are AppleScript methods for changing this option. If there are, then KM can change this option through the AppleScript action. I don't own this app so i can't test it myself. And I'm not very good with AppleScript anyway, so it will take someone better than me to write that.
  3. KM has some pretty reliable features like "Find Image" which allow you to determine the location of buttons on the screen and send mouse clicks to the app to click where you need to click to get the job done.

For example, my approach for #3 would probably look something like this:


If you look in that action you will see that I took a screen snapshot if the letter "D" in the colourful logo if the app's owner. This should work quite reliably. And notice that this action clicks 100 pixels below the location of that logo. That might be the correct number to click the down arrow for the menu item you want.

So do you see how this third approach works? Try it and see if it works for you. If you have problems with it, I can help.

What “Interface Control” would that be?

You might be able to use the Press a Button action to activate the M.V. tab, but Keyboard Maestro can't always see this sort of control.

The pop-up menus cannot be accessed directly.

You'd have to turn ON “Change the way Tab moves focus” in the system keyboard preferences – tab to your desired location – use spacebar or return to open the menu – type the number to select the desired number – and then return to confirm.

I find this awkward and sometimes unreliable, but sometimes it works perfectly well.

Found-Image might be the way to go as @Sleepy suggests.

@hello's suggestion of using System Events is likely to be the most flexible and reliable method if the most difficult.


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