Drop images into folder and perform actions on each image

I have not been able to find how to do this in KM so far. It was rather easy in Automator, but I was trying to move to KM8 since Automator has not been updated in 3 years.

I have a folder named PhotoArt. I want to drop a few image files on the folder at once and, say, resize them.

I can't for the life of me find how to do this in KM, despite it being so easy in Automator. Please help!

How you looked at the KM Macro Folder trigger?

Hi! Yes, I have. This was so much easier in Automator, but I wanted to move to KM because Automator hasn't been updated in 3 years and I fear Apple is just letting it linger. I can run a BASH script to do stuff on the folder trigger, but it doesn't work quite right as I had it in Automator. BTW, I'm just doing this to learn KM; nothing for real use at the moment. There is definitely a steep learning curve coming from Automator.

How about we step back and see if the workflow can be modified a little? This task shouldn't be too hard to complete in Keyboard Maestro, it just might not be best done the way you're expecting. Would you mind posting your bash script and a screenshot of the actions you've tried to use?

Mind if I ask, are the images and folder in the same reliable location on your drive. I ask this because, if the are, maybe you can achieve your goal by selecting menu items (?)