Dropbox sync fails to activate Folder Trigger

For some reason, adding a file to a folder using Dropbox sync is not firing the "This Folder > Adds An Item" folder trigger in KM.

I'm trying to build a simple KM macro to replace Hazel and Folder Actions.

In this case, I have a Dropbox folder named "From_iPhone," and I want to trigger a KM macro whenever a file is added to the folder. The Macro will simply move the %TriggerValue% file to another existing folder called "New Notes" that is not on Dropbox.

I write a note in Drafts on my iPhone, and use an action to send the text file to Dropbox/From_iPhone. Dropbox syncs the file, and it appears on my Mac in the From_iPhone folder.

KM doesn't fire the folder trigger.

If I take a different text file and drop it into the Dropbox/From_iPhone folder by hand, the KM macro triggers, and everything works perfectly. The problem is that when Dropbox adds the file via syncing, KM is not seeing it as an addition to the folder.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Perhaps it'd be worth sharing your macro, because I use a KM Dropbox folder trigger, and it responds to files added via Dropbox sync extremely reliably.

What version of macOS and Dropbox are you using ?

Yeah, it was something screwy on my Mac. It was doing other weird things, like showing me two views of the same folder in the Finder, but showing different contents.

I restarted. Everything's okay now. Thanks.