Dual monitors--send to other monitor

Pardon the newbie/basic question, but does anyone have a simple macro for sending a window to the other screen in a dual-monitor setup? I am particularly looking for one that will send the window to the very center of the screen. My current macro, does the trick in moving the window, but the exact position is not centered as much as I'd like.

There is a utility called Rectangle that does this quite well, but I would like to ditch that app if I can get KM to do this work (I think that it should).

Thank you.

ETA: Separately, is there a Zoom window macro that respects the screen where the window currently resides? The macro I created seems to always want to move/resize a window to a fixed spot on a screen even if that means inadvertently moving the window to that screen.

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Here is what I use:



In the SCREEN function, “Front” is the screen with the front window on it, and “Back” is the first screen from the left excluding the Front screen, which for you with two monitors will always be “the other” screen.

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This is outstanding. Thank you!

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This is no longer working as expected. The window will flash over to the other screen and then revert. After a random number of tries executing the macro, the window will eventually "stick." It seems like when I open KM the macro seems to fix itself for a bit. Any thoughts?

Restart? Purge the ghosts from your machine? Double check your macro?