Duplicate Key Command for Macro Palette

I am converting over several pallets I have and wanted to know if there was a way to have numbers sort with zero be after the number 9 so things visually display in order. I have several pallets that I use in QuicKeys that I press a letter and then have them all sorted by number.

In QuicKeys they look like this (actions are blurred out at the top).

In Keyboard Maestro they look like this

If I add 10 to the action with zero it sorts correctly but then I have to press three keys to get the macro to execute.

After I press 1 then I choose 0 and I can no longer just choose 1.

I can alphabetize it but I am thinking more in numbers in most cases and they are all right next to each other rather than using letters.

You can control explicit sorting using the "xx)" sorting codes at the start of the macro name.

So in the absence of any other sorting requirements, you can just do:

ZZ)Syllabi (0) - Spring Class 5

So like this then, it sorts and doesn't highlight the numbers (since it goes by order with the numbers) oddly enough I can still press 0 since it is recognized as the 10 action but does not apply to the sort order. In other words I didn't have to click S and then 1 I could do that but not necessary just pressing 1 will choose Fall Class 1.

Not as clean as I had hoped but it is functional which is of course most important. Thanks.

This also works in just using the numbers but looks even more messy, so I will go with the first.

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Maybe this would work for you:

1 Syllabi (1) - ...
2 Syllabi (2) - ...
3 Syllabi (3) - ...
. . .
X Syllabi (10) - ...

This will sort in the desired order, AND make selection easy (1, 2, 3, ... X)
Hopefully this will be easy to remember since "X" is the Roman numeral for 10. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s brilliant!

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Hey skillet,

You've misunderstood the format.






Will make the prefix invisible in the conflict palette.





Two characters followed by a close-paren.


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Oh you are right, thanks for chiming in. That is just what I was looking for.

Thought I would post pictures in case it helps anyone see the difference.
Macro Pallet Examples.zip (155.6 KB)