Duplicate Output from Variables

I'm setting the contents of a text file (<200 characters) as a variable VarName. When I ask for the variable to be displayed large on screen there's no issue, but inserted or pasted results in duplicates despite there being no repeating or looping parts to the macro.

If my text file is "hello world" then

  • inserting the variable generates: "hheelllloo wwoorrlldd"
  • pasting the variable generates: "hello world hello world"
  • If rather than pasting the text I call a new window to display the variable then 2 appear

What's going on and how can I fix this?

Can you share the relevant portion of your macro? YOu can use the "Share" button in KM. Select the action(s) and choose:

I think I've found the cause - the intended trigger was based a text files being saved to a folder, but actual process generated 2 text files and 2 trigger points.

However I've found an alternative flow triggering an AppleScript which didn't generate the same error