Duplicate palette occurring in Keyboard Maestro Editor

A duplicate palette occurring in Keyboard Maestro Editor disappears in few seconds…


Is where a way to longer the too short delay (for me), even to infinite, to have time to select the right item?


You probably have a macro running periodically every few seconds - a macro being triggered for any reason will cancel a conflict palette.

As a 3 1/2 year Keyboard Maestro (happy) user I don’t have deliberately designed a such macro…

But, anyway, is where a way to discover this (for me) hidden macro, as nothing appears in Keyboard Maestro logs?

More details about this conflict palette fading: it occurs only for Edit mode of Keyboard Maestro Editor, in its text fields.

Ahh, ok, the other thing that will cancel a Conflict Palette is any changes to the macros. So if you make any change in the editor (even a trivial one), that will cancel and Conflict Palette.

But, in this context, the conflict palette disappears spontaneously (by itself) doing nothing

But if you are editing in a text field, and you make a change to the field, and that change brings up the Conflict Palette, then the change is saved a second later and the conflict palette will disappear.

But I keep guessing and you keep saying no, so perhaps if you post the macros that are actually triggering the Conflict Palette and how you are doing it and in which field, then something more definitive could happen.

Palettes are for conflict between macro triggers yes and not in any way for conflict between KM user and a patient author :smile:

The text field in Keyboard Maestro Editor is the macro name.

I guess you are of course mainly true but just a little bit not, as my macros used the very handy “Simulate n deletes before executing” setting and so actually nothing change at this point (just displaying conflict palette) for Keyboard Maestro Editor…

Why in fact a quite unusable conflict palette appears in Keyboard Maestro Editor?

Does really the sad conclusion, is conflict palette cannot be as useful and powerful in Keyboard Maestro editing than in other editing task?

So, assuming I understand you correctly, you have a set of Typed String triggered macros that use the conflict palette to select between them.

Yes, that will not work in a Keyboard Maestro action field, because you type, and then the deletes are typed, and then the conflict palette appears, and then the macros are saved, and the conflict palette is canceled.

There is not any workaround for this sequence that I can see I’m afraid.


I finally find a satisfying solution, with apparently no side effects, just restricting appearance of (at present...) useless, and so just annoying, conflict palettes in KM Editor:

Thanks for your help in clarification.