Duplicating Macros AND Submacros?

I sometimes need to create a "Macro Group" that is not dependant on other groups. To do this I've duplicated the macros from "Group 1" to the "Group 2". What I failed to notice is that any "Submacros" are not copied into "Group 2". This isn't apparent until "Group 2" is installed on a second computer that does not have "Group 1" macros.

Is there a simple way to duplicate submacros when duplicating a macro?

If the desired Sub-Macros are in the original Macro Group, then this should work:

  1. Select the original Macro Group in the KM Editor Macro Group panel
  2. Press ⌘D to duplicate the MB (standard macOS duplicate shortcut)
    • This duplicates the MG with all of its macros
    • Appends "copy" to the name of the new duplicated MG
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Yes, that works and I considered that. The issue then is figuring out which macros to delete. With 270 macros that can be a chore.

I'd like to see an option: "Do you want submacros to be duplicated?" when option-dragging a macro into a new group.