Dvorak layout?

Here’s my question. I’ve been learning Dvorak, but I’m not sure what to do with KM once I’ve become fluent. The problem is that I have put most of my shortcuts in sequential and logical spaces (not based off of the letter on the key, but on the position of the key itself). For example, if I have a macro that plays, pauses, and skips, I won’t make the shortcuts based on “P” and “S” but rather on a, s, and d because they are logically sequenced. If I switch to Dvorak, I will have to remap all of my macros, which I really don’t want to do.

Is there a way to toggle my entire macro folder or individual macros to respond to Dvorak or Qwerty?

I don’t think so. KM responds to pressed keys (i.e. key codes), and not to “physical key positions on the physical keyboard” (which are not visible to any software, AFAIK).

Maybe it is possible to write a quite complicated meta macro that programmatically changes all hotkey triggers to the Dvorak layout, but for that you would have to create a complete re-mapping map for all the keys.

So, I think the more convienient way would be to manually adapt your hotkey triggers once you are fluent with Dvorak.

Perhaps the Dvorak QWERTY ⌘ layout could be of use here? It may not work for all of your macros, but for those that rely on Command key-based shortcuts you may be able to still use a lot of them as-is.

Hot Keys are based on key codes which generally do not change from the physical key when you change keyboard layout. But I’m not entirely sure for Dvorak.