Dynamically-updating palette based on folder structure

Hi everyone.

I have a terabyte of music samples of different types (kicks, snares, vocal samples, etc) that I go through regularly in Finder. Often I want to "favorite" one by copying it into a designated folder for its type.

The designated folders are all in a master "Favorite Samples" folder, containing sub-folders for each type, sometimes several levels deep for sub-types.

The hierarchy you see in the screencap below just matches the folder hierarchy in Favorite Samples, pretty simple.
I'm using sub-palettes, which is static and very manual. The Favorite Samples folder structure is constantly iterating and I have to create & maintain a macro for each folder, which is ineffective for something I will be changing for the rest of my life. (This is already taking 40 macros, and I just started.)

So I'd really like a solution where the list dynamically-updates based on the folder structure of "Favorite Samples".

(The 'Ω Drop Here' option puts the sample in the current hierarchy. An OK button would be a good substitute, if we needed to do a custom HTML prompt.)

:pray:t3: in advance.

Hey @nrightnour

I definitely do not know how to do this and I’m engaged is a related conversation over here looking to simplify filing and the ongoing updating of structures to do that. Stop over and see if it inspires anything for you.

Thanks @BernSh, I'll check that out.

I am willing to use Applescript, but I have little experience with it.

Here is someone else's attempt at something similar using AS:

Another way of going about this... similar to what I'm doing now, but using a plist/text file instead of "listing contents of folder x" to generate palette entries.

Have a text/plist file with one line for each user-desired destination (e.g. Drums > Kicks), which automatically creates palette entries for each line (and sub-palettes for each >, for easier navigating). Each palette entry does this: enter %favorite samples folder%, checks if folder "Drums/Kicks" exists (if not, create it), then copy file to it.

Definitely not as graceful, but way better than what I'm doing in KM now, with a macro for each entry.

Thanks @nrightnour

This like many things in getting buried under the rush of today. I'll keep it on the list for when I see daylight again :wink:

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Following up on this months later.. it's still something I deal with all the time.

Any proposed solutions welcome.