Easier Creation of Macro Web URLs?

In this blog post I discussed invoking a public web macro - from a Raspberry Pi.

When it came to documenting how to find/create the URL for the macro I found it a bit cumbersome:

  • I happen to know my Mac's Bonjour name.
  • I eventually found the UUID for the macro.

It would have been much easier if I could Right Mouse Button on the macro name in the list and get some properties.

UUID would be high on my list of such properties. A properly confected URL, including the Bonjour name, that could be copied to the clipboard (or even directly tested) would have been handy. Then my instructions in the blog post would have been "RMB on the macro in the list and grab the URL from the dialog that pops up".

I suspect URLs are not the strategic way to invoke a macro from another machine. But if not then what is?

Or maybe I'm missing something (and not just that one final screw.) :-)~

Hi @MartinPacker,
In the KM editor, for the macro in question, in the Trigger section at the top just click on the “Or by script” bit and that will reveal the macro’s UUID and other information that you may find useful. I’d give you a screenshot but I’m not on my Mac right now.

Hope that’s of some use to you.

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Thank you @tiffle. Yes it is. I would still, however, love a quick way to confect the URL.

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Sounds like an ideal task for a KM macro to me.

Getting the UUID, for example

together with the Bonjour name (which you know) would let you construct a KM macro to do the job for you. Or am I way off the mark?


Perhaps assign a keystroke to the KM Editor's

Edit > Copy As > Copy As UUID


(or include it in a macro and capture the clipboard ?)


Yes. It would be ironic if a Keyboard Maestro user couldn't figure out how to do that. :slight_smile:

So waiting for solution. Hope all maestro`s will help

Just in case anyone ends up here years later, this should get you started:

Get Macro Public URL.kmmacros (2.9 KB)

Macro image

You'll have to replace <Port> and <TheTriggerValueToPass> to match your needs.

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