Easily FaceTime Your Favorite Person & Easily FaceTime Audio Your Favorite Person

Every day I FaceTime the same person, and I got so frustrated at how tedious it was to wade through the FaceTime interface that I compiled two macros, and made making my FaceTime call as easy as typing three letters. To get the macros up and running replace 9998887777 with the real phone number of your person :).

FaceTime John Doe.kmmacros (2.2 KB)
FaceTime Audio Jane Doe.kmmacros (3.1 KB)

Thank you to William Froggard. He provided the AppleScript in his Make a FaceTime call using AppleScript post.

For the FaceTime Audio macro there is an opportunity for improvement. When the FaceTime Audio script runs, this alert pops up:

It's preferable and more robust to click the UI element by name rather than double clicking. I found a few sources giving code and tried implementing them. When that didn't work attempted changing the code. I got far but wasn't able to get it to work. Other people were writing they weren’t either. Perhaps their code will work for you, and this macro can be improved:

UI elements by name - as it's more robust and far more readable:
Close Multiple OS X Alerts With One Shortcut - Genuine Curiosity
Mac Automation Scripting Guide: Displaying Notifications

The Double Click action does a good job though, you may need to adjust for your screen size.

If you want to bring up a menu of people to FaceTime, then adjusting the following macro may work for you: FaceTime Audio Caller with Pop Up Contact List (KM 8.2.3). I tried it and it works well. The comments also mention integrating Cardhop (a very nice contacts app imho) which would be another way to streamline FaceTime calls to different people.

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