Easy answering a Facetime call by a senior citizen

My 95 year old mother has a 27" iMac and to keep in touch I call her daily on Facetime. The only problem is the the facetime window that opens requires her to move her mouse to the top right corner of the screen and double click on a fairly small link. I created this macro that can be activate using an applescript application. I then put a link to the application in the apple dock and gave it a large telephone image. She can now answer the call very easily. The only change that might be necessary is the coordinates that are noted in the macro and these can easily be determined.

Did you mean?

She can NOW answer the call very easily.

IAC, I am curious. Have you tried using voice commands?
Seems like that might even be easier for your mother.

Looks like you can set up FaceTime to automatically answer any calls from a specific number. See: http://simonloveapple.blogspot.com/2011/01/facetime-script.html

I myself had high hopes for the voice interface just for making phone calls for my elderly mother. But I’ve found it wanting.

Siri often can’t understand my mother and my mother often can’t understand what Siri says. And Siri doesn’t repeat herself like I do.

But the worse thing is when Siri tries to refine an inquiry with a text option. For example, when asked to call someone, Siri will silently display a prompt for Home or Cell number. My mother doesn’t see that on her phone and has no idea why the call didn’t go through.

I tried siri also but it very rarely worked whereas my solution has worked perfectly. All my mom uses her mac for is facetime and playing words with friends.



Sorry - yes this works perfectly for my mom.

I tried siri also but it very rarely worked. All my mom uses her mac for is facetime and playing words with friends.

I also use Apple Remote desktop to log on to my mom’s computer remotely in the evenings when she is not using it to ‘clean’ things up, answer mail and put photo’s on the desktop of her grandchildren. I live about 200 km away and the mac is her lifeline. The only difficulty I have is when her ip address changes and I have to reset my remote log on. The solve this problem when she opens firefox there are two tabs that always open - one is her facebook words with friends and the other is a “what’s my ipaddress page” so all I need to do is ask her to click on that tab and read the ip address (which is in big print).

I wonder if there is a way to use a macro to get the ip address and email it to me on a regular basis.


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