Edit KM macros in bulk using Python script to

Hi, I posted an earlier question about how to edit macros in bulk (Add Action to Macros in Bulk) and I'm coming to realize that my workflow may require doing this regularly so looking for a scripted solution. Can I use a Python script to process a group of macros and modify each? Applescript was mentioned as an option but as I'm not (yet) familiar with Applescript, wanted to see if Python scripting against KM was an option.

A related question: would a different software application better handle my workflow? e.g. textExpander because the bulk edit so far is only for text-expansion macros? Does anyone have experience with alternative tools that may do what I need more easily?

As to the "why" for bulk editing: this is to avoid duplication: I have macros that perform a labeling action for text files. I want those same macros to work in a very slightly different way when I'm editing text on the fly versus when I go back and apply labels in bulk to a file. So I guess I want to toggle those from one behavior to another without having to add more keystrokes during each operation.

What specifically do you need to edit in the macros? Do you need to change the trigger? Or do you need to change what the macro does? If you need to change the trigger, then that's problematic, although probably not impossible. But if you just want to change how the macro works, then that's generally a lot easier, using sub-macros and parameters.

So can you provide some specific examples? It the macro(s) are complex, maybe you can provide stripped-down versions without any extra fluff.

Hey @sottovoce,

I think that's not a good reason to do mass editing of macros with all the attendant complexity and risks.

I agree with @DanThomas – please provide a good example or three that shows us exactly what the workflows are and how they differ.

Once we see that we can evaluate whether mass editing is the way to go, or if there is a better method.

Can you edit Keyboard Maestro macros with Python? Maybe if you're a very good programmer and understand XML really well.

Can Python be part of a workflow to edit Keyboard Maestro macros – yes.


Dan and ccstone, Here's my workflow starting with a list of text expansion macros where an expansion macro would take a typed string and convert to a tag. So if I type "xxproc", the macro adds the text "[#PROCESS]" followed by a datestamp.

If I have a bunch of these text expansion macros and I decide that I no longer want a date stamp, or that I want the cursor to move to the front of the line after typing, what's the best way to make these edits as a batch? If I can't use python is there another solution? Obviously, I don't want to go in and have to manually edit each of these macros.