Edit Last Executed Macro

Does anybody have a good method to edit the last executed macro?

Usually I activate the editor, jump to “All Macros,” and sort by execution (via a macro!). But this isn’t super fast.

Hey Jack,

You can use

in KM Editor, and Alt ⌥ + Click in Conflict Palette.

I am looking for such internal KM action as an help in macro development (period of wishes) :wink:


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How did I miss this! Fantastic!

Am I right in thinking there is no keyboard shortcut for this?

Correct, though you could obviously add a Keyboard Maestro-specific macro that clicked the button for you.

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Thanks, Peter. But won’t that set THAT macro as the most recently
executed macro?

Hey Jack,

You forgot to say “Please Peter – we want keyboard shortcuts for this stuff!” :smile:



Hah. Yes! @peternlewis, that would be wonderful.

There is something deeply ironic about the fact that I actually use the mouse for all this sort of stuff so never think to add command keys for them.


Probably due to the trauma you experienced as a child playing with mice, when you should have been out playing with kangaroos :astonished:

Just teasing, Peter. KM is one of the best apps I have ever used. :sunglasses:

I wonder about that, every time I must reach for the mouse in KM Editor.

Please do.

If you create a "Pro" level of KM, with features like that, I'll pay extra.