Edit Macro Lifehack

Maybe it's just me, who didn't know this, but if you click any KM menu bar (separate or in KM Engine) with ALT pressed, you'll see all you macros names like "Edit: macro name". Clicking it will jump you strait to the editing this macro in KM! Nice!!!


That's cool! I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing. It looks like it just shows the macros that you have set to appear in the status menu, is that right?

Personally I like using AppleScript to setup "edit macro" macros. I have a few of these assigned to the same trigger so I can quickly jump to any of those macros to edit them.

Simply change out the UUID for whichever macro you want to edit.

tell application "Keyboard Maestro"
	editMacro "6969F0CA-4C33-4A19-9BFA-7661972316B0"
end tell

I just use Spotlight. (shrug). Type the macro name and it opens the macro in the KM editor.


:exploding_head: Don't know if I was aware of this capability! I use Alfred though so I'll have to look into how that works with Alfred. Thanks for the tip!



Sorry... Just to add to the fire. You can also use the Trigger Macro by Name, hold the ALT key plus enter (or double click)and it will perform the same open edit in KM process...

Easter eggs are everywhere.