Elements of Macros Not Working

Been using KM for several years on MBP, 2016 (15", 2.9/16; 1T SSD). Was recently asked to renew permissions (for already licensed KM)—struck me as odd—and thereafter some select failures. E.g. I have a universal scope macro to click on an absolute location, no longer functions. Also, within MS Word, while menu selection works, typing keystrokes, e.g. "tab" or "5" no longer function. Have restarted, cleaned caches (as best I know), run Onyx for system etc clean/rebuild (3rd party, reliable), finally reinstalled Big Sur from recovery disk. No joy. Suggestions? e.g. should I delete and reinstall KM (if so, do I save my many macros by saving that file prior to reinstall? might I have inadvertently reset a parameter, option, etc.? Thanks so much...

No, most of the time there is NO need to reinstall KM.

Troubleshooting -- KM Wiki.