Elgato Stream Deck

Hey, does anyone know if the Elgato Stream deck has been discontinued or something?
I was really hoping to get one around black friday (on special) but it never dropped in price, in fact it went UP on amazon! And now it seems the mid and XL sizes are just not available, and the mini 6 key version is on 2 months lead time.

I'm just wondering if the whole thing is dead or something? Is a new version coming?
Or is it just GAME OVER?

A real shame, as I have a whole load of KM macros I want to tie into some fancy buttons!
is there anything similar?

I don’t think it’s dead - but I can’t swear to it.

Discontinuation could, I would expect, lead to price drops in remaining merchants.

But can I suggest - if you have an iPad - considering Metagrid. Newsgroup here.

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My guess is that they’re just sold out because a lot of people wanting them in quarantine and then a lot of people getting them for Christmas.


A whole industry of freelance performers have had to pivot to streaming shows during the plague, and Stream Deck has become second only to Zoom as a standard part of their rigs. So if anything, it's likely just sold out.

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The XL was available on Amazon this morning (1/2) with delivery in 2 to 3 weeks.

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Sorry, i should have mentioned - Amazon UK...

You should look again: you can get the XL by Tuesday, 5th January from Amazon UK...

Amazon US is still sold out.

In fact if you search USAmazon for "stream deck xl” it doesn’t even show up in the search results. You have to search for "elgato stream deck xl” and then it will appear but when you click on it there are only 3rd party options.

Woot.com was selling the 15 key version on Wednesday, so it is possible Amazon (who owns Woot) was clearing out stock.