Email hyperlink with KM

Good day!

How can i make an email hyperlink within KM from a system clipboard if it contains email address?

‘an email hyperlink’

As in:

  • a link back to a message in an email client ?
  • a mailTo: link ?
  • something else ?

The goal is to add a hyperlink to an email address and then replace part of the text with this hyperlinked email in Mail app.

Like this:

If I’ve understood you (forgive me, me coffee may not be strong enough today), and you want to paste clickable email addresses which, on click, will initiate a new email draft, then I think the solution may involve:

  1. looking at the MailTo link format
  2. Searching this forum for examples of using textutil to create a rich text version of an HTML string, and put it on the clipboard. Search terms might be hyperlink, textutil, pboard

i.e. compose an HTML mailto wrapper for the email address on the clipboard, convert the HTML-wrapped version to RTF with textutil, then pipe it back onto the clipboard. There are some macros here which do that kind of thing.

Some of the ingredients are here, for example: