Email Notification Upon Macro Failure

Sometimes my macros will fail, displaying the notification in the upper right corner of the screen. Can I also receive an email notification when a macro fails?

Can you give two or three examples of why your macro is failing?
Is it a timeout, a validation issue or race condition, menu not present, file/folder not present etc?
Does one macro fail more than others?

There is no automatic response to a macro failure that would send you an email.
And, there is no general Macro Try/Catch mechinism.
And, to my great frustration, there does not appear to be any way to read or automate the macOS Notification System.

So, you're left with a crude DIY approach.
On most Actions, you can uncheck the "Failure Aborts Macro".

What that means is that after EVERY Action, you would have to add a IF/THEN Action to test for failure of the last Action.
I do this for a few critical Actions (like "Search") that I can take some logical action if it fails.
But I for one am not interested in putting in an IF/THEN Action after every Action.

Feature Request

It would really be great if @peternlewis could enhance the KM error handling by:

  1. Adding more options for notification of failure
  2. Adding a Try/Catch Action.
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Noted. Both are already on the todo list.

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I've had your comment bookmarked; definitely wasn't ignoring you! I've been working on a way to to automatically restart my macro on an error and finally figured it out. I didn't want to waste your time by going back and forth until I exhausted my own options.

Many thanks.

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Try/Catch and Throw actions are done for the next major version.