Email pop up fix

New to this amazing app, so I apologize for any naiveté. Im trying to deal with an annoying system pop up window that comes up. My work requires a VPN to access email. When I'm not VPN'd I get a system pop up that says Exchange Password Required (see attached). It seems to think its a password issue when it can't connect. I was hoping KM could detect and click "Close". Is this do-able? I found a few similar topics but none of the examples I tried worked out. Thanks for any suggestions.

Most likely you have already tried this, but just in case please review:
If Mail on your Mac keeps asking for your password -- Apple Support

You can also review the articles found by this Google Search

If you are unable to fix it from the above, then we can try some workarounds using KM.

KM does not have a Macro Triggers for "Found Image", but it does have one for:

  • Focused Window Changes
  • Application Activates or Launches

Most of these type of popups are system generated and don't activate an app and down have a standard window we can test for.

But those would be the first things to check for. When your popup occurs, does it activate an app or window?

Check that out, and if you still need help, feel free to post back here.

Or alternatively, does activating make the popup appear each time (while you're not connected to the VPN)?