Email - send to a particular Finder folder

Currently I'm use the UI hack below to drag the email at the top of the Apple Mail inbox list to an open Finder window then go back and delete the email.

Is there a way to use a Move/Rename action with the destination path defined while the item to move is selected in Mail and therefore constantly changing rather than a defined Finder path?

The KM Move/Rename Action works ONLY with Finder files and folders.
To work with Apple Mail, you will need to use AppleScript.

Here is one possible solution/script I found searching for “AppleScript export mail to finder

export emails (from Mac OS X

I have NOT tested it and do NOT know the author, so proceed cautiously.

You may also want to review the KM Apple Mail Actions, Tokens, Functions (KM Wiki). I did not find anything there that would help, but maybe I missed something.

Thanks for your attention and work. They’re always a gift and much appreciated.

The script works and requires more actions from me compared to my current UI hack making it a downgrade rather than upgrade. Poking around came across information that what Apple Mail displays is from a database and not simply a specific file. Is it that bits of an email with an attachment are scattered in different locations and woven together by a database to be displayed by the Apple Mail app? Yikes!

Looking at the KM Apple Mail Actions there is the MailRawSource (token) which returns the raw source of the currently selected mail message. Might this be used to set a path that the move action can use? If said file was moved would it include an attachment if one was present?

Thanks again