[EN] Copy Evernote Note Title to Body with URL

###MACRO: [EN] Copy Evernote Note Title to Body with URL

[EN] Copy Evernote Note Title to Body with URL.kmmacros (52 KB)

Evernote does not show the Note Source URL very well in the Note header, and it is often not visible. This macro resolves that issue by copying the Note Title to the top of the Note Body, and creating a hyperlink using the Note Source URL (if available). If not available, then the URL can be optionally obtained from the clipboard.


####Please feel free to post any bugs or issues you find, as well as suggestions for improvement.

**VER:  2.0     Last Update:   Thu, Jan 28, 2016**
Author:        @JMichaelTX at KM forum & Evernote forum

PURPOSE:  Copy EN Note Title (with URL) to Top of Body 

(1)  IF EN Note does NOT have a Source URL, copy URL to clipboard
(2)  Select EN Note
(3)  Run this Macro
(4)  You may need to adjust the "Pause" actions if this macro is not working properly.

(1)  Moves focus to Note Title block and copies it
(2)  Move to top of Note Body and pastes Title
(3)  IF Note has Source URL, use it
(4)  IF NOT, and there is a URL is on the clipboard, THEN offer option to use it
(5)  IF there is a valid URL, use it to create hyperlink 
(6)  Paste Note Creation Date below Title

(1)  Evernote Mac 6.4+
(2)  Keyboard Maestro 7.0.3+
(3)  Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.5)+
(4)  AppleScript (built-in to Mac OSX)

KM Variables Used:
  • URL
  • DocDate

What type of URL do you end up with? Does it begin with Http:// or Evernote:/// ?

It uses whatever URL is either the Source URL of the Note, or the URL you have copied to the clipboard. It is NOT a link to the EN Note. It is a link to the source (web page) that the Note was clipped from.