@EN Search Title of All Evernote Notes

###MACRO:   @EN Search Title of All Evernote Notes

~~~ VER: 2.0    2017-01-22 ~~~

@EN Search Title of All Evernote Notes.kmmacros (47 KB)

NOTICE: This macro has a preset trigger of S


Author: @JMichaelTX


  • Get EN Mac Search Terms from User, and Paste into EN Mac Search Block
  • IF the User had made a text selection, it will be used as the EN Title Keyword.
  • This KM macro may be executed from any Mac app. It will automatically switch/activate EN Mac and enter the Search box, leaving the cursor in the Search box so that the User can further edit if desired


  • The EN Mac Search box uses incremental search, that executes a Search for every character you type.
  • This most often results in a faulty search and delays the execution of the users intended search.
  • This KM macro gets the entire User input for the Search Terms and then pastes into the EN Mac Search box.


  1. Import this KM macro into your KM macro library
  2. Change the Hot Key to trigger this macro, if desired
  3. Change the default value for the KM Variable "EN_Search_Terms", if desired.


  1. Press the Hot Key (Global: works from all apps)
  • Also change the "Long Press" key as needed
  1. Enter the EN Search Terms
  2. Default is "intitle:" which is selected
  3. Type new Terms to replace
  4. Press Right-Arrow key and enter Text in Title


  1. Replaces EN Mac Search Box with User input
  2. Shows EN Mac Search drop-down so User can click on either "Everything" or the currently selected Notebook (if any).


  1. EN Mac

I added this Macro to a conflict Palette. what changes do I need to make for it to work?

None. It should just work after you select it from the Palette.

iI am getting a notification error
"Manipulate window could not find any matching windows in macro.. and this gets populated in the EN search field

intitle:"[NO_SELECTION]" intitle:

I'm actually in the middle of a rewrite of this macro. So it may be a day or two before I can respond.