Enable 2 step verification on these forums

Discourse now supports 2 step verification (2FA). Can you enable this on here on these forums, please? Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

As long as 2FA is an option, I have no objections. Otherwise, as often as I am in the Forum, it would be a huge nuisance and deterrence.

I don’t see any reference to 2FA in any of the settings, so it probably is not in the “release” version of Discourse (although I am a couple minor updates behind which I’ll install shortly).

I also don’t see any documentation on 2FA/Discourse anywhere to know how to turn it on and what the consequences are, so if you’re keen for me to do it, finding that information would improve your chances.

It's probably the same as this one -

This setup is what I see on all other Discourse instances, and I assume
this is official.

But where is the documentation, and how do I turn it on, and what are the consequences. I can’t see it anywhere as an option, either in the site settings or the personal settings, but maybe I just can’t find it, or maybe it is not in the release version (although it says it was merged in Feb, so it probably should be by now, but Discourse have a somewhat opaque definition of what goes in a release version).

thanks for being cautious Peter. Discourse changes can have unintended (at least from our perspective) consequences.