Enable Bluetooth when in clamshell mode (connected to external monitor)

Is this possible?

I have a 27" Apple Thunderbolt display that I do most of my work. When I’m out and about I turn bluetooth off and just use the trackpad and internal keyboard, but when I get back home I’d like to just be able to plug my laptop back in to the Thunderbolt display and have KM auto-enable bluetooth so I don’t have to open up the lid and do it manually every time I forget.

Any thoughts or helpful macros would be greatly appreciated!

So, here is actually a workaround that I just thought of. It uses applescript to toggle bluetooth using a usb device trigger, in this case my mouse.

I use a usb mouse, but a bluetooth keyboard when my laptop is plugged into my 27" inch monitor.

To find out what the name of your usb device is, just click the Apple icon > About This Mac > System Report > then scroll down to the usb section and look for your device name.

I separated the macros so that one is triggered when the usb device attached (it's actually "attached" through the thunderbolt cable b/c the USB hub is plugged into the back of the monitor) and the other when it is detached, although the applescript is the same for both, with the only difference being the notification that is posted.

Feel free to adapt / improve on these.


Toggle Bluetooth with External Monitors (Clamshell Mode) (workaround) (5.6 KB)


To find the USB Device Name, simply create the trigger, then with the text focus in the USB Device name field, and connect the device, and Keyboard Maestro will fill in the name for you.

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