Enable/Disable Macro Button

The big checkmark and X that symbolize an enabled or disabled macro have been removed from Keyboard Maestro 9.0, why? Finally, can someone show me how to enable and disable a Maceo in the new version of the software?

I missed it for a second as well. =)
It's a check box on the right column, upper left of the editor.

Sorry not following. Can you place a mouse on it or mark it in red or something?

In the screenshot, it’s the blue and only checkbox at the left, followed by the text “Triggered by any…”

It may not make complete sense the way I see it.
That checkbox is saying, to be or not to be triggered by the following triggers.
But what it does is, enable or disable the macro completely. It can be confusing IMHO.

Thank you so much for the clarification. And yes, it isn't vey clear!

These GUI issues are subjective, so you may disagree with me, but I think the new method is much clearer than the old. It actually uses plain English instead of some unexplained graphic that doesn't even tell you it's a button. I instantly saw it and understood it.

I also find it way clearer than before. Note the indentation:


This makes it clear what exactly is affected (= enabled/diasabled) by the check box: only the triggers in the macro head. You can still execute a “disabled” macro (a macro where the check box is not set) via the Execute Macro action by another macro.

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Your question has been answered, but as we can see from the various comments this change in UI has produced some confusion. It need not be. Here's my suggestion: