Enabling a macro only if clicking within a field

Hey guys, is there a way to permit a macro to work only if I click within a specific form field within Safari?

I assume it is an if/then-type condition that would precede the macro I would like to be executed, but I am at a loss as to how to proceed. Thanks for any help you may able to offer.

Some idea: In the macro Parent Group, you can restrict to enable the macros only if ie

  • the browser used is Safari,

  • AND the title contains X words.

Thanks for the reply—good thought but I’ve already applied that. I’m basically looking for something less global, and more specific to a certain element in a webpage (a form field). If I click on a field, is there a way for KM to recognize that I’ve clicked?

you could in theory: Have an Always active macro looking/searching all the time for a field or image, but it will be CPU intensive.

Ah I see, yeah. Also a good thought. Will keep tinkering to see what I can finagle.

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