Encode to Blog-Friendly URL Macro

I couldn't find a previously created macro that took a string of text and encoded it into a URL format that didn't use % encoding, so I made one.

This version 1.0 and does what I need. If I needed anything more robust I might workout how to replace all the dropped characters via RegEx. Anything obvious I should add? Feel free to edit, add your search and replace actions, and share here.

It takes something like this:
289 - New York - The Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with Pariah Burke

and formats it the way many blogs, CMSes, and web apps would, like this:



  • Replace %Variable%HHHShowTitleComplete% in the first action with your source text.

  • Replace the last action, the Display Text output, with where you'd like to output the results.

Macro - Encode to Blog-Friendly URL Macro

[SUB] Encode to Blog-Friendly URL.kmmacros (5.0 KB)


Just added a search and replace for punctuation from this post. Strip punctuation in filtered clipbord

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