Endless looping in text paste if conditional app

I am trying to create simple macros to enter user names and passwords, etc., while in Safari. I can create the macro with the condition of Safari being open and it works. If I include an Application Condition that Safari (or any other program) the text loops indefinitely (if allowed) or fills the boxes until the HTML page stops further typing or pasting (I tried both). Further, the infinite loop continues on going until I quit Kybd Mstro. Even if I quit the app I am targeting, the systems beeps furiously at the attempt to continually paste and repast, and repast the simple one word of text.

Along these lines, I would like to know if it is possible to have the “scope” of an individual macro appear in certain sets apps, specifically, and not in others. It’s what Quickeys calls “scope.”

Thank you.


You haven’t really given enough information about your macro or how you’ve structured it for anyone to help you without making guesses. If you have an infinite loop, it is because the condition is remaining true. Or perhaps, if you are using actions that add things to the event queue (like Insert Text, Type a Keystroke, Click the Mouse), that you’ve already added many events to the event queue that the system hasn’t processed yet.

In Keyboard Maestro, Macro Groups control when macros are active. Configure the containing macro group to be active only in specific applications.

I get a lot of QuicKeys refugees. Keyboard Maestro and QuicKeys are very different, and can be a bit jarring initially, but I frequently get the comment along the lines of “Why didn’t I switch sooner”. Hopefully your experience will be similar.

Please read the wiki page on transitioning from QuicKeys for some tips, and also read the Quick Start (menu Help ➤ Quick Start) to understand the different parts that make up Keyboard Maestro and how they work together, as well as to become familiar with the terminology used in Keyboard Maestro.

Thanks. I am new to the app and find it a little confusing, but I have a bigger problem. When I launch iTunes (Yosemite) the cmd-q key is non-functional if Keyboard Maestro is running. If I quit KM, function returns to normal. Run KM and the behavior returns. I have no macros using the cmd-q sequence and no macro set for iTunes. Also the iTunes main window disappears completely and if it is there and I’m in full screen, I can’t access the menus or cmd-q. I have to control-tab to move to another program and then force quit iTunes. Again, this is only when KM is running.

In Keyboard Maestro, select the All Macros group, and then select Sort by Macro Execution from the View menu.

In iTunes, press Command-Q. The macro in question will sort to the top of the list.

Any other macros that are being triggered when you launch or activate iTunes will also sort to the top of the list.

Adjust the macros as necessary.

The list is rather small and doesn’t include iTunes nor the cmd-q sequence. The problem is intermittent and other keys are also involved. CMD-tab (sometimes not), space bar, etc. I wonder if the fact that I’m on a Logitech solar keyboard makes a difference, or if it’s Yosemite or even the Mac Pro bucket I just installed?

If you want to see that macros Keyboard Maestro has triggered, you can look in the Engine.log file (in Keyboard Maestro, select Help ➤ Open Log Folder).

Alternatively, select Start Debugging from the status menu, and ensure that Pause New Macros is on, and then you will see every macro as it is triggered and be able to step through their actions.

Thanks for your replies, Peter. There is no mention of iTunes in the log. It’s as if running KM takes over the keyboard and if I don’t have a command set for an app. it doesn’t allow the keyboard to function. It only happens when KM is running and, again, it’s intermittent.

Keyboard Maestro does not “take over” anything, so its hard to know what is going on.