Engine is quitting a lot

I'm getting a lot of crashes with the Engine. I'm attaching a sample crashlog. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?

I'm wondering whether it has something to do with quickly repeated actions, e.g. I hit my hotkey to bring up Trigger Macro By Name, and if after a couple of seconds I see nothing, I try it again, and again, and maybe it's getting confused with too many triggers.

But it isn't working reliably. 20-30% of the time I boot my computer and try to use my Trigger Macro By Name, nothing happens...

crashlog.zip (21.6 KB)

I have about a dozen of those crash reports. They look to all be in 10.13.6, so looks like a new bug introduced by Apple.

It is hard to say what the crash is related to, looks to be inserting a keystroke into a text field of some sort, so perhaps in the keyboard layout of text handling code, but I don't really know.

It only appears to have affected a few people, so unless you have anything quite odd in your system that could be the culprit (like a weird keyboard, weird keyboard layout, maybe weird fonts), it could just be some sort of corruption.

Sorry I can't offer anything better for you.

Hmmm. No weird keyboards or layouts. I do have dozens of custom fonts, but have no idea how that would play into it. And the macro is dead simple. (See attached.)

You mention it could be related to inserting a keystroke into a text field. I do notice, after I call up Trigger Macro By Name, that the Spotlight-like window that comes up is kind of hesitant. Sometimes it comes instantly, sometimes it takes several seconds. It often pre-populates with the last-used macro, and every time I hit a key, it re-does its anticipatory guesses at what I'm going to type. I wonder if there could be anything wonky in that. Sometimes if it doesn't come up instantly, I reflexively hit ESC or similar to try and get out of the dialog box...maybe I'm typing too quickly...?

(Of course, as I type this and am testing it just to make sure I'm describing it correctly, it's functioning absolutely normally and responding instantly.)