Engine keeps turning off when I open KM

For a few days now I've been experiencing this a lot. I open KM to create a new macro, and then when I look at the menu bar at the top, I notice that the engine is not running anymore.

Someone had the same issue here:

But answering to a few of the questions there:
I can't really know if I created any macro or installed any software that could create this issue. I don't even know how to check this. For example one of the questions was: "Have you done something recently that could be crashing the engine?"
How would I know if something I did inside or outside is crashing the engine...?

Rebooting brings it back, but that doesn't change the fact that once in a while, when I open KM, it quits the engine.

When it comes to Macros that I eventually created that could be causing this, what should I be looking for? All my macros are pretty basic anyway so how could a macro crash the engine?

Any tips to find at least the cause are much appreciated :slight_smile:

If you don't remember explicitly creating a macro that quits the KM engine, you probably didn't. However, next time it happens, you can sort all macros by most recent.

CleanShot 2022-06-12 at 15.53.16

Alternatively, you can use this excellent macro that outputs a list of recently run macros.

Yeah the issue is that it seems a bit random. It doesn't always quit, but when it does it seems that it's right when I open KM.

One thing I started doing was customizing both the Groups and the Macros with icons. 99% of them are either the ones that come with KM, some are from the applications, some are emojis:
Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 7.36.02 PM

Some, here and there, were just copied from Finder folders where I use very specific icons. Do you think this could be the issue? Again, I can't remember details of when this started happening or when exactly I started using the icons, but could this be an issue at all?

I've got custom icons for most things too (I should get out more!) and it's not an issue. Perhaps you should backup your macro library and reinstall KM?

KM stole our lives...!

Good to know, because I love seeing those icons!

If the problem persists I will. One thing I will probably try is start testing by disabling half of the groups, try to start KM and see if that makes a difference. Then the other half, etc. If there's a macro or group causing this, I will find that bastard!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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