Engine Not Launching in macOS 12.6.2

A few of my co-workers have reported that the KM engine has stopped running after they upgraded to macOS 12.6.2. I am currently on 12.6.1 and it works fine. I'm scared to upgrade because I am too dependent on my macros for work. Anybody else have this issue? Any known solutions? We are all on KM v10.2. Thank you!

9 times out of 10 (actually, pretty much 10 times out of 10), if the Keyboard Maestro Engine wont launch it is because Sentinel One software has actively blocked it for reasons known only to the Sentinel One developers.

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I've just completed the update from 12.6.1 (which was stable) to 12.6.2 on unsupported 2011-era hardware. An edge case. Keyboard Maestro (10.2), in a brief test running a macro that used the Custom HTML Prompt, ran as expected.

Try rebooting 12.6.2 with the Shift key down and then launch Keyboard Maestro to see if runs. If so, there is some other software that isn't happy running under 12.6.2 and conflicting with Keyboard Maestro.

Meanwhile I can confirm Keyboard Maestro runs under 12.6.2.


Just did the update on my second laptop and again Keyboard Maestro launched as usual.

A few apps did not, though. But a restart resolved that issue. I have also resorted to using Onyx to rebuild the launchd database to resolve launch issues.

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Thank you all for the responses! Happy to hear it's not a MacOS issue. I will continue to investigate and try what you suggested. I haven't heard of Sentinel One, but will see if our security team uses this on our machines and if so, ask that they add KM to the exclusion list.

I'll let you know what I find out, thanks again!

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