Enter Password Into Annoying Dialog?

Everytime i boot my mac i'm presented with this dialog created by Novation's Automap (midi layer for hardware controllers)..I've tried EVERYTHING, adding the app and resources to the disk access / accessibility in privacy in Mojave etc to no avail..Novation themselves have been of zero help, the idiots let go of everyone who worked on the software (its still supported but out of development). Uninstalling and reinstalling makes no difference.

Is there any way i can have KM select this dialog prompt and enter my pw and hit return automatically? The second half seems easy, but i have no idea how i identify the dialog...Any help from the incredible brains trust here would be much appreciated !

Screen Shot 2021-07-24 at 3.50.34 pm

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I suspect this isn’t possible as it is a security prompt. If it is possible, posting a generic solution here would be inviting other people to use it to get around other security prompts.

Check and see if Keyboard Maestro can see the Install Helper button.

KM won't be able to see the dialog, but it might be able to see the button. If so then you've got your way to detect the dialog using a Pause Until action.

Let us know how it goes.


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Better option would be go to your settings security and add it.

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Chris, what do you mean 'see the installer helper' button?

Sorry Raz, that doesnt work and exactly why i contacted them when it didn;t (see my original post, i did explain that), ive watched the processes with fsmonitor and adding the novation installer helper does nothing to prevent the dialog.

Search the whole area there see if you see “auto map server” if yes tick the checkbox

See the following two actions

Keyboard Maestro might not be able to see the dialog, but it might be able to see the button IN the window.

If not then you'll have to resort to AppleScript UI-Scripting.


Automap Server it's components, directories where it accesses have all been in Full Disk Access and Accessibility from well before the beginning of my nightmare with this...which is why im here, rather than wasting anymore time with the incompetent Novation developers...im able to replicate this in Mojave across 4 different macs...