Entitlements for Camera & Microphone

Hey, would like to ask what it this means for users now? Thx.

what? where?

In the news about version 9.1:

Changed in 9.1

  • Native build for Apple Silicon.
  • Added new method of choosing characters for Icon Chooser.
  • Added support for copy&paste of Icon Image Well images retaining very compressed size icons.
  • Added support for pasting characters (including emoji) in to Icon Image Wells.
  • Added support for pasting icons to multiple macros or macro groups.
  • Added support for currency characters in Icon Chooser.
  • Added support for customising Smart Macro Group icons.
  • Added support for autofocus on select fields in Custom HTML Prompt.
  • Added support for \v in token text fields. (forum )
  • Added support for case insensitive characters in Conflict Palette earlier than characters with mixed-length case conversions (eg ß).
  • Actions that attempt to perform text operations on images or folders now fail with an error.
  • Adjusted the Contact sheet to only fill the fields from Contacts if you explicitly request it to.
  • Adjusted the Report Feature Requests sheet to only fill the fields from Contacts if you explicitly request it to.
  • Added a way to force-unregister Keyboard Maestro.
  • Reduced some needless CPU wastage in the editor (more pronounced on Apple Silicon).
  • Fixed an issue where editor search was not searching Cancel a Specific Macro’s instance field.
  • Fixed an issue with macro group activated for one action, leading to conflict palette.
  • Fixed an issue with macro groups remaining active after their palette has been dismissed. (forum )
  • Fixed that Duplicating a Macro Group would not preserve its focussed window condition.
  • Added entitlements for Camera & Microphone to ensure they could be used by scripts if desired.
  • Possibly resolved a rare crash involving notificationLargeTextChanged.

ah, sounds like it must be part of System > Security & Privacy settings

Keyboard Maestro itself does not use the Camera or the Microphone.

However, if you use a sub-script that wants to use the camera or microphone, you need to enable two things:

  • Keyboard Maestro itself has to have an “entitlement” that declares that it might want to access these things, and this has to be built in to Keyboard Maestro, which is what this change does.
  • And you need the appropriate Security & Privacy permissions.

So what this change in 9.1 does is tell the system that Keyboard Maestro might conceivably use the Camera and Microphone.

Essentially, Keyboard Maestro has entitlements for everything, since you might want to do anything in a sub-script. It doesn't mean Keyboard Maestro itself does anything with them itself.