Error: Assertion Failed: enginePath

My company utilizes a product called Sentinel 1 (S1) to manage allowed applications. When I applied the 11.0.3 update it triggered an alert on S1 that I was loading malicous software. I'm told the application has since been whitelisted, but my macros are not executing and I'm seeing this in the Editor.log file:

Assertion Failed: enginePath, file: …/Source/App/, value: 0

I've rebooted, flipped off/off accessibility in System Settings, etc. Is there something I can do to reenable the Macros?

Unfortunately, Sentinel One has, for years, incorrectly corrupted the Keyboard Maestro Engine.

You need to complain to Sentinel One, white list Keyboard Maestro (or the Keyboard Maestro Engine), and download a fresh copy from our web site.