Evaluation of Variables in Dictionary Text

When are the variables contained in the Dictionary entries evaluated? It looks like they are evaluated when the Dictionary is created (by Set Dictionary) and not when the text is looked up (by key). Correct?
Could this be changed or could a "Dynamic Text" dictionary property be added to force that?

Instead of storing the "value" of the variable in the Dictionary if you store the "name" of the Variable in the Dictionary you can use that to retrieve the dynamic value of that Variable.

Your Variable called GlobalVar gets assigned a value.
You set your Dictionary entry to "GobalVar"
Your Variable called "GobalVar" possibly changes its value.
Now to retrieve the current value of "GobalVar" from the Dictionary entry you basically use a Filter Action to retrieve whatever variable name is stored and from that to get the current value of that variable.

EXAMPLE Variable Name with Dynamic Value in Dictionary.kmmacros (14.6 KB)


Hi Aurio, Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn't aware of that Filter action. Thanks, this really helped me!

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